Facebook starts rolling out Timeline in New Zealand


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Facebook Timeline

Facebook announced that it has started rolling out the new Timeline user interface for its users which was till date available in Beta only for developers. Facebook says that New Zealand is the first country to get this feature and will roll out for everyone in the “near future.” Around 2.5 months back Facebook unveiled its Timeline feature at f8 conference and said that it will be rolled out shortly.

Samuel W. Lessin, Facebook’s Product Manager updated Facebook blog about Timeline “We announced Timeline in September and made it available to developers building apps on our platform. Since then, over a million people have signed up for the developer beta to access Timeline. The feedback we’ve received so far has been invaluable. Starting today, we are making Timeline more widely available as we measure speed and other types of performance. We’ll begin by making it available to people in New Zealand and then roll it out more broadly in the near future.

When contacted by GigaOM to know why Facebook launched Timeline in New Zealand first and not in US, Facebook spokesperson said Via email “As a global company, we need to gain perspective and insights from outside the US. New Zealand is a good place to start because it’s English speaking, so we can read the feedback and make improvements quickly.”

In current profile when users update their profile with new stuff, 99% of the stories got vanish and the only way to find the posts that matter is to click “Older Posts” at the bottom of the page. Again. And again. The Timeline profile design allows users and their friends much easier access to their historical content, such as status updates or wall posts they made years ago. This means Facebook’s servers will have to be able to quickly serve up content that was rarely accessed in the past.