Top 3 Brain Stimulating Apps

Brain StimulationFor the majority of students, the summer is a time to relax after a long, hard school year. Most children choose to spend their time basking in the warm sunshine and sipping lemonade rather than hitting the books. Who can blame them?

While the summer may be a nice vacation from school and academia, it doesn’t mean students should stop using their minds. I encourage students to engage in activities that stimulate their brain. Using apps on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices can be a great way to do this. Here are 3 brain-stimulating apps that your child or student can use to keep their mind active in the long, hot summer months.

1. Words With Friends

Words With FriendsThis is one of the most popular apps in both the Android and iPhone app store and for good reason. The premise is simple; two players compete in a scrabble-like board where users make words from a set of letters provided to them. The user with the most points in the end is the victor.

This game is stimulating for a number of reasons. For one, users must be careful where they place their words as to not give their opponent an advantage. For example, you would not want to set your opponent up for a triple or double word. This requires strategic planning.

What makes this game so educational is that it tests your vocabulary and provides you the opportunity to learn more words. If your opponent uses a word that you don’t know, encourage your student or child to copy down the word and learn its definition. If you do this for every word you don’t know while playing, I can guarantee that you will expand your child or students vocabulary tremendously. Plus, this game is pure fun!

Download the app here : iTunes and Google Play.

2. Brain Trainer

Brain TrainerThe makers of Brain Trainer, Lumosity, describe their game as a brain exercise app. After using Brain Trainer for some time, I wholeheartedly agree with this. Brain Trainer looks to address ones memory, speed, cognitive control, attention and problem solving skills.

I think Lumosity’s various mini-games strike a nice balance between fun and challenging. What I really enjoy about the app is how it tracks your progress using your Brain Performance Index, so you can see your advances over time. This feature is very neat and really gives you a sense of accomplishment. Brain Trainer is truly a fun, educational app that children and students will love playing.

Download the app here : iTunes.

3. 100 Floors

100 FloorsThis app is super fun and challenging and will most definitely increase your problem solving skills! The idea is very simple; users must solve a puzzle to open the elevator door in order to advance to the next level.

100 Floors starts of very easy but after 3 or 4 levels, the difficulty steadily increases. Each level has a set of clues, which the user must use to solve the puzzle. Some of the clues are very obvious, while others are small and subtle. Figuring out the various clues really makes you think! Some of the later levels are extremely difficult and will take a while to solve.

I recommend that only older students and children play 100 Floors, as it can be very difficult at times! If you’re stuck on a level, a simple Google search will reveal the answer.

Warning: this game is extremely fun and addicting and highly challenging! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Download the app here : iTunes and Google Play

It’s important that students and children continue to challenge their minds even when they’re on summer break. These three apps, Words With Friends, Brain Trainer and 100 Floors are all excellent, stimulating apps that your child or student will love playing. Go ahead, and give these apps a try. Your child or student will thank you later!