Review : Acer Aspire One 725 Netbook

Acer Aspire One 725 NetbookAs laptops get smaller and smaller, the netbook fits right in, with its diminutive size. The netbook refers to that brand of laptops that is a pocket-sized version of the notebook and meant primarily for internet applications. Yes, perhaps in a world of hand held devices and sleeker laptop versions, the netbook may seem old-fashioned but its place is firmly established when it comes to great quality at affordable prices.

Acer’s recently introduced Aspire One 725 Netbook is the latest to join the bandwagon. At first glance, it looks light and airy. It is around 1.2 kg, which is great and doesn’t measure more than an inch in thickness. You can carry it comfortably in your knapsack or under your arm, tucked into the sleeve the Netbook comes with.

The netbook takes about a minute to boot though it takes only about 20 seconds to move from snooze to ready.

The screen is about 11.6-inch on the diagonal and might require a little getting used to. But then with the Radeon graphics and CinceCrytal for some cool LED display, high definition viewing is a treat. What’s more you can adjust the brightness according to whatever you’re doing. So if you’re out in the park, enjoying a sunny day, turn up the screen resolution to really bright. In the comfort of your house, tone it down and work with minimum strain.

What might also need getting used to are the small-sized keys. Even with a comfortable palmrest, the small keys, including those for crucial functions like Delete and the Esc key, are a little hard to operate. On the good side is a quick to respond mousepad.

The tiny size packs quite a punch in its software. Here’s what we’re looking at-

  • 1GHz Dual Core Ivy Bridge(AMD, C-60) processor
  • 2GB memory with the option of upping it to 4GB
  • Hard drive of 500GB
  • Bluetooth

You will like the many USB ports in varying strengths. To add to this there’s a card reader, a port for headsets, LAN and HDMI. Enough to keep you happy, Acer hopes. What should also make you smile is the up to 3 hour battery life the Aspire One 725 Netbook gives you and this is while you indulge in some music and videos and internet. We think the battery life could be anywhere between two and a half to three hours, which is decent.

Let’s talk music now. Decent speakers with good fidelity, the netbook can make music and media fun. The headphones are good and even if you play your favourite tunes at maximum volume, you’re not going to hear distortion and garbled songs.

The Aspire One 725 Netbook is great for better processing of images, higher quality of visuals and even support for all those heavy-duty applications. The netbook comes in two color options, Caribbean blue and Volcanic black, it flaunts a gorgeous glossy, glittery cover. It would correct to say that it is a device for users who want technology and comfort and are not willing to compromise. And at the price it is going for, this is a good buy.