Asus Padfone VS Apple’s new iPad – Which one will you prefer?

Asus Padfone Vs Apple new iPadThe ASUS Padfone has been up front in challenging the Apple’s new iPad for supremacy in the tablet stakes and although both have their many rusted on supporters, who will always choose one over another, no matter what the opposition comes up with, there are some who are open minded and haven’t yet decided which is better that the other. In saying that, at the end of the day they are both quality products and will give users of either many hours of satisfaction.

They’re much more than mere Gadgets

It does appear that getting the latest technological gadget is what attracts many people into buying the newest product that comes onto the market, especially in the area of smartphones and tablets, but it should also be remembered that it is not all about having the latest toy. These products are serious aids in making work and lifestyles easier and more enjoyable and they should be looked on in this way.

As the late Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, once stated, ‘the iPad will one day make the laptop computer obsolete.’ The question you should also be asking yourself is, ‘do you need both a tablet and a smartphone, let alone a tablet and a laptop?’ Each one is reasonably expensive and similar in what they can do. Tablets are much better for playing games on, having a video chat, or viewing media generally. Smartphones have more appeal when it comes to making calls, texting and sending and receiving emails, and they’re much more portable.

The Padfone gives you the best of two Worlds

Your next thought would probably be, ‘why can’t the tablet and smartphone be fused into one single system?’ Two separate devices that can work together, sold as a pair and able to plug into each other, always remaining in sync. Well, that’s probably how many people would describe the ASUS Padfone, a smartphone/tablet all in the one package.

The Pros and Cons of the Padfone and the iPad 3:

1. The competition is not so much about performance but more about size. The Apple iPhone 4S and the new iPad are reasonably small compared to their competitors. No so much the iPad but the trend still seems to be bigger displays on smartphones. The iPhone has retained its 3.5-inch display ever since it started, while many Androids now have screens of 5.3-inches. The ASUS Padfone in the meantime remains in the middle at 4.3-inches.

2. In regard to the Padfone station the tablet itself has a 10.1-inch screen, quite comparable to the new iPad at 9.7-inch. The Padfone is thicker and bulkier, not necessarily a bad thing, although people seem to be generally leaning towards thinner and lighter products.

3. Apple seems to have a policy to not make changes if they don’t need to do so. This has seen the iPhone and iPad remain much the same as far as appearances go from the last model. When you think about it, it makes sense, why make unnecessary changes when your product is well made and the users adore them as they are. The ASUS Padfone does look good in its own right but it doesn’t seem to match the classy appearance of the iPad. The Padfone station looks OK but the smartphone connector seems to take the class off it a bit although this might be getting a bit picky.

4. It is with the different operating systems in use by the new iPad and the Padfone that things start to get really interesting. The iPad uses the tried and tested iOS 5 and the Padfone, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating systems. While it could be argued that the iOS 5 is a cleaner and easier to use operating system, the Android has many things going for it that the iOS hasn’t. It really comes down to what each individual person prefers. ASUS has kept the Android 4 operating system as close to stock as humanly possible. True it has made some minor tweaks here and there to have it work as a tablet but these aren’t noticeable. This means that if you’re in the market for a smartphone that’s as close to stock as possible the Padfone is worth considering. The iPads new A5X processor is relatively slow when compared to the Padfone’s 1.5GHz dual core snapdragon processor.

5. When it comes to graphics, the new iPad has a processing speed twice that of the iPhone 4S, notwithstanding an identical CPU under-clocked at 800MHz. Even so, it’s quite fast by any standard thanks to the Apple iOS. The Padfone also runs a rather fast CPU but it’s no match when compared to iPads clarity and screen vividness.

6. Storage capability is also worth looking at between the two makes. Both the Padfone and the iPad/iPhone come with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, however, the Padfone has a MicroSD card that contains 32GB which in effect gives it a total of 96GB. To be fair the iPhone and iPad together have a total storage of 128GB but they still remain two separate devices whereas the Padfone has a swappable memory card of 96GB that’s transferable to both devices.

The Padfone concept is a good one in that it actually combines a laptop, tablet and smartphone into the one package. Its problem is its bulkiness, as you can’t place it in your pocket or handbag. It’s also a winner when it comes to price. The new iPad still takes a lot of beating however, especially when you combine it with an iPhone 4S.