5 Apps every Android Device User should have

AndroidFew people can argue about Google’s golden hands and the fact that anything they venture into seems to turn into an incredible success. That is certainly the case with Android, there’s no doubt that it has grabbed the world and shown them how a modern phone platform should function. Some may disagree but Android is responsible for the current app obsession as while competitors had dipped their toes into the market, Android has pushed them all the way and helped create an explosive application market for mobile phone users.

Following on from the above, here are five apps every Android device user should have :


Flipboard AppFirst thing’s first, the iPad was the original platform for Flipboard, the app has being duplicated onto other systems like the Android. Nevertheless, there’s no getting away from the fact that Flipboard is a superb application. In short, users display all of their social network information, whether it be updates from friends on Facebook or from people you follow on Twitter. It nearly stores all this in one app, saving you plenty of time as you look to cram in your daily social network activity.

Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map AppHowever, this next app certainly did make its name on the Android system. Google Sky Map is yet another creation of genius and will intrigue absolutely everyone – even if they have absolutely no interest in astronomy. By simply pointing your Android phone at the sky you will receive directions on where to find the various stars and planets dotted around.


Dropbox AppDropbox is the service that has been around as a standard website for some time and simply allows its users to upload and download files from a protected area – perfect for group work. As you would expect, the same can be done on a mobile phone yet it just makes the whole process so much easier when you can constantly carry your Dropbox in your back pocket.


TripItTripIt is an application based on the travel industry and stores all of those necessary holiday details on your Android device. This means that you don’t have to bang that draw full of hotel confirmations in your suitcase, nor do you have to print out the routes and transfer times that always seem to be needed. Instead, each trip is handily organised into a set format, while it’s also possible to create detailed itineraries through the app.

Cab4Me Taxi Finder

Cab4Me Taxi FinderMost people, already have a list of the cheapest local taxi companies stored in their phone. However, when one goes away the situation can become slightly troublesome and it can become very difficult to locate a decent taxi service, Cab4Me Taxi Finder is the solution. One can call this app as a “live Trip Advisor” for taxis. Several taps of the screen will point you in the direction of the nearest taxi firms, while the extensive review system means that you don’t need to worry about any phony drivers. Moreover, the fact that you can filter out companies that only accept cash means that you won’t be frantically driving around looking for an ATM machine while your fare continues to balloon.

Considering the huge variety of apps available on the Android, no other devices come close to mind. Just sit back and enjoy the wealth of applications that will constantly come your way.