Things you didn’t know what your iPhone can do

Apple iPhone 5iPhones are amazing devices with a huge range of different functions, made possible due to the incredibly advanced and varied hardware and the well programmed software. If you own an iPhone then you will find that it’s more than just a phone – it’s an essential companion for everyday living that you just can’t live without.

But that’s only if you’re using your iPhone normally – essential doesn’t do it justice once you really start to tinker and push the boundaries of what it can do and there are countless things that an iPhone can do that you probably aren’t even aware of. Here are some unconventional ways you can use your iPhone that you may not have known about and that can transform it from being just essential, to phenomenal.

Run Emulators

Emulators are pieces of software that allow your iPhone to mimic other devices. This then means that you can run all the software that would have run on that old device whether that’s an old computer running DOS or a SEGA Megadrive. This then means that you can play all of the games you have on your Megadrive, DOS PC, Nintendo, ZX Spectrum complete for free and wherever you go. You need to own the original cartridge to be allowed to play the game, and you need to have jailbroken your iPhone, but the huge amount of options that you get available to you by running emulators makes this worth it for many people. Did you know for instance that you can actually install Windows 95 using a DOS emulator? Now that’s something that will make your friends’ jaw drop.

Watch TV

It’s one thing to watch films and videos on a phone – that’s old hat by now – but using a good Wi-fi connection and the BBC iPlayer you can also enjoy streamed television in your pocket which is surely living the dream for square eyes all over the world.

Experience Enhanced Senses

One of the amazing app that is found on the iPhone is one that makes use of augmented reality to provide a mind-bending and almost transhuman experience (if that doesn’t sound high tech what does?). It’s called RjDj and the idea is that it uses the microphone to pick up ambient sound and then edits that sound and plays it back to you through headphones in order to create a ‘soundscape’. In other words, it’s practically an interactive form of music where the rustle of a bag or a the tapping of your shoe can become a booming roar or a melodic whistle. You have to try it to fully appreciate it.

Turn Your iPhone Into a PC

It’s not all just about impressing your friends and getting the best games to run on your phone though, you can also get more out of your phone in terms of productivity and functionality if you know how. To turn your iPhone into a PC would mean being able to word process just as quickly as you can on PC. To do that all you need is a good piece of word processing software – like Documents to Go – and a Bluetooth keyboard to give you much faster input. Combine this with a cable to plug your iPhone into the TV (yes they exist) and you have a full sized monitor to work on too while you recline on the couch. You hardly even need another device once you start making the most out of your iPhone.