Who views your Facebook profile – Check it out

Would you like to see who views your Facebook profile the most? Remember, pictures posted on your profile (or your profile picture) are what draws people to be curious about you. This attraction can be both good and bad. Looking at your profile over and over again may be positive or negative depending on the context of why a person looks at your profile so many times. Your friends may look at your profile especially if you have recent wall posts regarding your life; they want to look at your pictures or want to have an update on what you have been up to recently.

However, there are also some people who look at your profile with self-vested interests like those who are insecure, want to steal your identity or possibly stalk you. The old social site Friendster has a built-in feature that lets you know who recently viewed your profile so it is easy to trace who has been watching your profile recently. However, when using Facebook there is no way of doing this.

Facebook Profile ViewThere have been a lot of apps claiming that you they will enable you to see who has viewed your profile the most in Facebook, but all of these don’t really give you a way to see exactly who has viewed your profile, simply because Facebook does not include this feature for privacy purposes. If you don’t want anyone you don’t know looking at your profile, Facebook has strong privacy features which allow you to share your profile only with yourself or your Facebook friends. In addition, there is also an option to ‘not accept’ the friend requests of those you don’t know.

You can only see who’s viewing your profile if you actually observe them doing so; nevertheless, there are possible ways to know who has viewed your profile the most or has recently viewed your profile. However, these are not conclusive and the results may or may not be correct.

1. Look at your profile page

Facebook Friends PhotoCheck your profile page and see the friends who appear several times in your profile. These people may have viewed your profile the most in a given period and that’s why they also appear in your profile over and over again. However, this only looks at your friends and does not include people who are not connected to your Facebook profile, who are usually stalkers.

2. Invite all your friends to an event

Facebook Create EventOnce you have invited all your friends, look at the categories in the event: a) those who accepted your invitation, b) those who are waiting to reply, and c) those who rejected your invitation. This way, you can see the top 5 people in all the categories, which may or may not have viewed your profile recently.

3. Use the search bar

Facebook Friend SearchType each of the letters of the alphabet one by one in the search bar. The first person that the search bar shows is either the last person whose profile you viewed or the last person who viewed your profile.

4. Look at your friend suggestions

Facebook Friend SuggestionIf you see someone who is not connected in any way to you, it may be probable that this stranger has looked into your profile several times already.

These steps are not 100% accurate and users may have just found these methods by themselves. In order to check that these methods are partly accurate, you can always ask your friends to view your profile over and over again, and then follow the steps to determine if they reflect your friends’ recent profile viewing activity. So far, Facebook has not yet released a feature for your Facebook Page to allow you to see who views or has viewed your profile.