How to Market your Business on Twitter

Twitter Business MarketingTwitter is a unique type of communication tool for marketing your business. With Twitter, you can post messages of up to 140 characters, known as ‘tweets’ to your followers. This will let your followers have fresh, up-to-date information about you and your business. Before you take the plunge into the world of ‘tweets and followers’, it is important to be informed about some of the ways through which you can optimally use this service to promote your business.

What You Will Need

  • A website or blog for your business
  • A Twitter account
  • A Mobile or portable device for quick tweets and replies

Here are some vital tips on how to market your business on Twitter:

Set up Your Business Twitter Account

Choose a username that is easy to recognize. Your Twitter username could incorporate your business or brand name or some other catchy term related to your industry. Fill in all the fields required in your profile and upload an avatar. Make sure you don’t mark your profile as private since this account is primarily for promoting your business.

Develop a List of Loyal Followers

Identify other Twitter users that have interest in your industry or business. You should use Twitter to develop a list of loyal followers that you can approach with promotional offers in future. However, you start building relationships by providing tweets that share useful information. First, become an indispensable resource then later you can present sales pitches.

Build Up Your Credibility with Your Followers

After you have built a list of loyal followers, continue to build and enhance your credibility with regular tweets and retweets that provide fresh and useful information. Tweet at least once or twice daily. Every tweet should incorporate a very compelling headline which will make your followers want to act on your tweet. Find out what is trending on Twitter and use it as an opportunity to tweet about how it relates to your business.

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Use Twitter to Do Market Research

Take some time to check out the trending patterns area on Twitter. This is where you can get a lot of topics to pick and adapt to reach out to your target followers. In the trending patterns area, you can create a trend page. On this page, your tweet will be displayed to everyone who looks at the page.

Link Tweets to Your Website or Blog

Make sure you link a large number of tweets to your company’s website or blog. You can easily use these tweets to promote your product, service or event. To shorten the URL, make use of TinyURL (the popular link cloaking service). This will help you to maximize the 140 characters you are allowed to use for each tweet.

Respond to Customer Complaints

Twitter is somewhere in between email and instant messaging. So it is very useful for answering complaints from your customers. When you use it this way, it helps to build your reputation as a responsive and customer friendly company.

Announce Special Events and Promotions

Use your Twitter account to inform your followers about special events in your locality. You can also use this medium to inform your followers about free seminars, webinars and other free information that will be of interest to them. Along with this, use your tweets to announce special discounts, coupons and limited time offers. Try not to be too pitchy so that your account is not banned by the Twitter admin. Any account accused of spamming is punished with an outright ban from the Twitter service.

That was a brief discussion on how to market your internet business on Twitter. In summary, you should endeavor to build up a large loyal army of followers by providing useful and timely information first. Then you can introduce them to your service and products without sounding too pitchy.