Is it Ethical to Track your Kids or People with GPS?

GPS TrackAlthough the argument of privacy is a hot subject, many are worried about an invasion of personal space. Any technological advancement can be abused, which tends to over-shadow any good that may have come from it. Personal tracking systems through GPS is one of those technologies that could save lives. Why wouldn’t more people be inclined to use such a system?

When it comes to preventing theft, people look at the positives of asset tracking. Few will question the motives behind retrieving items that were taken or lost. When it comes to human life, however, too many people focus on the darker side of personal tracking.

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The idea of a tracking system for vehicles is a fine selling point for it provides an increased chance of recovery if the vehicle was stolen. Vehicle tracking systems could triangulate the global position of the target through access of a satellite to put an end to a crime-spree or car theft ring. With ever advancing technology, one could use vehicle tracking to determine if a child’s car is at school or at the mall.

Keeping track of a child’s location is on the mind of every parent. Using a GPS tracker for kids could give a piece of mind that every parent craves. Before morality is considered, the parent should be aware that in U.S. only every day on an average 2,185 children are reported missing. Having a sub-dermal implant GPS tracker for kids could return a large portion of those children home, if not all of them.

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While some argue on the ethics behind personal tracking technology as an invasion of privacy, many pioneers have volunteered for the service. An argument could be made that those who are against tracking technology have something to hide. Unless one is doing something he or she shouldn’t be doing, why fear it so much? Some companies also implementing a fleet management system in place enables precise tracking of employee locations and modify routes in real time if need be.

Personal, children, vehicles, or asset tracking, the circumstances shouldn’t matter. It is the means to know that which matters most can be accounted for at all times. Although the decision is ultimately dependent on the individual, a rational and informed decision should be made when inquiring about tracking technology. Don’t just weigh the abusive aspect of it. People should enlighten themselves to the possibility of protecting him or herself as well as the GPS tracker for kids.

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