5 reasons you should be using Google Drive to Share Documents

Google DriveDrive is the latest offering from the Google powerhouse, providing users with online storage for all of their data. You might say that this has been done before by others, and quite well. However, while this may be true, Google Drive comes with certain benefits that competitors like SkyDrive and Dropbox just don’t have – so much so that you might find those alternatives to be obsolete. Want to know more? Here are five reasons you should be using Google Drive to share documents:

1. Google Drive is fully integrated with other useful Google Products

Google Docs has long been a popular alternative to Microsoft word for techies who must collaborate with a team via the Internet. From Google Drive, you can access all of your Google Docs, and can as well organize and share files from Gmail, Google+, and other Google products that you likely to already use on a regular basis.

2. You can try it for free

If you aren’t sure about the usefulness of Google Drive, or if you simply don’t have a lot of documents to share, you are entitled to 5GB of cloud storage space for free. Therefore, you really have no reason NOT to be using Google Drive.

3. You can pay for an upgraded account

If you want more storage, you can purchase anywhere from 25GB for $2.49 per month to 16TB for $799.99 per month (and many options in between). Why is it a good thing to pay for this service? Because it is a major departure from the typical Google advertiser interface. Google Drive is customer-centered, rather than advertiser-centered, which is sure to be an upgrade to the Google experience.

4. Multi-platform accessibility

It doesn’t matter which operating system you or the people you want to share with are using. Google Drive synchronizes with a multitude of operating system platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac OS X.

5. Google Goggles technology

Goggles is Google’s search engine technology, and it is truly superior to most any other search technology you might know. Why? When you search Google Drive, you are not only searching for file names and characters within text documents; Goggles actually has the capacity to scan images and PDF documents to find what you are looking for. That means that a search for ‘flight’ could return a Docs document with your flight packing list, as well as a PDF of your airport itinerary and a scanned image of your ticket.

As you can see, there are many great advantages to using Google Drive for file sharing, no matter what device or operating system you are using. Try Google Drive today – for free – to see what it can do for you!