Common Questions about Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has changed the way we share documents and photos on the net, making it easier and immediate. However as people become more aware of this possibility, some questions might arise about its security or simply its day to day use.

Cloud Storage

Here are some of the most common questions:

Should I Store My Sensitive Data?

The answer to this is ‘it depends’. If you are using storage provided by third parties, you need to read their privacy policy and get informed about what security measures they utilize.

It’s probably more secure to store something in Google DriveMicrosoft SkyDrive or iCloud than with a smaller company you haven’t heard much about before, providing you trust which platform in the first place.

If the servers utilized by your cloud storage are run by you then you don’t really have a problem, unless you rent a space in another company’s premises. In that case you need to make sure the company guarantees that only authorized personnel can access the storage and that they only do it for essential maintenance purposes.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Storage for Businesses?

They are many! Cloud storage isn’t just for photo sharing on Facebook, it’s very useful when you need to share data and documents between companies and employees.

If you have everything stored onto servers that can be accessed by the applicable people in your company, not only do you save time, you also save money on floppy disks (what are those again?), CDs or USB pens. Plus you can edit them in real time and drive forward your collaborative projects.

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Is Cloud Hosting Only Available Through Browser?

No. Most services such as Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, iCloud and Dropbox have apps that integrate with your computer as if they were simply another folder in your system.

Cloud systems also allow you to do things such as printing your photos directly to your printer without the need of a computer.

These solutions however provide you with ready designed platforms that might not meet your needs, so you might want to resort to a more comprehensive form of cloud hosting where you own your own servers and can develop your own cloud applications.

When Should I Be Using Cloud Storage?

When you want to have photos, music and so on easily available from any computer or device; when you want to share files with other users; when you need to work on a document with other people simultaneously, for example an event calendar; when you lack storage on your own computer.

So cloud storage can be the perfect solution for many of your day to day needs, and you can always keep that old USB for situations where you can’t get online.

Above all there are many other questions that may arise in your mind. Discuss them in the comments below.