Pinterest and Infographics – Killer Combo

PinterestAfter talking about infographics, which again is a virtual pun or image that describes a certain text or quote or data, we’ll now be talking about its connection with the third biggest site in social networking, Pinterest.

What exactly is so special about Pinterest?

Pinterest stood out because it’s like an online scrapbook where you can put together things while online. It’s like a pinboard where you can organize interesting stuff you find, only virtually. You can share this stuff too with the rest of the world, so it’s basically a give and take.

There are about 4 million users of Pinterest bringing over 421 million page views, that’s why it has recently been a platform where businesses create their networks and socialize. Though it’s a social platform like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is different, as these are not text posts but rather collage of images pinned on your Pinterest board.

Can Pinterest help your blog or website?



Since Pinterest uses images rather than text, this is where infographics take its place. Each image is linked to their original website. So if you pin an infographic created on your business website or simply your personal blog and people click on the image, they can be redirected immediately to your website. Sounds better right? The ‘Repin’ button on Pinterest is bit similar to the ‘Like’ button on Facebook and ‘Retweet’ button in Twitter.

Graphics And Pinterest – Huge Combo!

That’s why Pinterest and infographics can be considered a killer combo, as if you use interesting and eye catching infographics that people will pin into, it can guarantee you possible earnings from your product, or even just for the sake of SEO, since the higher the page views, the higher the page rank. So it basically generates a huge amount of traffic to your website. Or maybe your followers will see your infographics and may want to re-pin it for others to see. So imagine if a person with a thousand followers repin your post and even 25% of his/her followers re-pin or click the infographic, that’s impressions and has a high possibility of being converted to sales.

What you can do is follow fellow Pinterest users having the similar interests and passion. Or maybe follow influential people. Every time you pin on their post, they will be notified, and they will most likely look upon your Pinterest board. You can even add pin comments to socialize with them.

From your website itself you can add a ‘Pinit’ button, so your visitors can be led to your Pinterest board, thereby creating a further socialization between you and them. So it’s like they’re linked to your personal catalog with all the things you care about, even the products that you recommend.

Nonetheless, the blogging world is all about give and take. The more you share to the world, the more you interact with them, the higher the chances that they will give and interact with you too. Pin their stuff, they will pin yours. It’s vice-versa. So why not try matching these two powerful elements – Pinterest and infographics – and watch your sales grow.