Ten reasons Traditional TV viewing on the rise despite new Gadgets arrival

TelevisionSmart TVs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, laptops, smartphones, tablets; the list just goes on and on. All these gadgets may have different purposes but online availability of television content has turned them into bonafide TV viewing options for you. Many people are swayed by the hype surrounding new gadgets which are released to the market from time to time. Hence, it can be expected that traditional TV viewing would decline in face of competition from the alternatives.

Yet, this has not been the case. You might be surprised to know that a recent study conducted Down Under showed that people still prefer to watch television the old school way. The sales of the new gadgets have been through the roof but they have added to TV viewing rather than taking away from it. Keeping that in mind, here are ten probable reasons traditional TV viewing is on the rise despite new gadgets arrival.

1. Some Networks Are Not Online (Yet!)

Even though most of the popular channels are available to subscribers online, it takes time for television networks to make the transition. Hence, people have to stick to the conventional TV mode as they won’t be able to watch their favorite programs otherwise.

2. Overall Improvement in TV Programming

With bigger budgets and better production facilities available to networks now, the general quality of TV programming has improved significantly. Not only is the content more engaging but the picture quality has been enhanced which can be enjoyed on traditional TV screens.

3. Cost of Gadgets

A major deterrent for people who want to move on from traditional TV viewing towards the new gadgets is the cost involved. The new gadgets are considerably expensive than the standard TV sets. They are priced at levels most people cannot afford.

4. Family Experience

Imagine having to sit with your family to watch a TV show on your iPad. The small screen doesn’t allow comfortable viewing for more than two people. On the other hand, traditional TV viewing offers a family experience while also being an excuse to spend time with them.

5. Hassle Involved

The modern gadgets may be sleek and efficient but sometimes they cause cable clutter and extensive redesigning of the living room is required. That is something not many people are willing to do. Hence, they avoid the hassle by sticking to traditional TV viewing.

6. Bigger Screen Size

Like movies are meant to be seen in the cinema, a TV show should be watched on a large screen. The smaller the screen, the less impactful the visuals are. You are undermining the hard work put in by the crew to upgrade picture quality by watching a show on a smaller screen. Most people prefer the good old large screen telly in the living room.

7. Demographic

While the new gadgets cater to a wide audience, they are targeted towards the youth. However, the youth make up a small portion of the TV viewing audience. Most of the older people prefer to sit on the couch with a remote in hand rather than holding a device with a small screen.

8. Old Habits Die Hard

Watching TV is a habit for many people. In fact, people in the US watch almost 30 hours of TV weekly on average through the traditional medium. It can be said that they are used to it and would find using new gadgets difficult.

9. Parental Control

Modern television sets are equipped with tools for parental control. Parents can easily monitor the content their children are watching on television. However, such control is restricted when the child is watching TV on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

10. Most People Own a TV

Last, but not the least, the fact of the matter remains that almost every household has a TV set. Economically, it is a better option for people to continue their traditional TV viewing rather than upgrading by spending money on new gadgets.