5 Tools you should use to protect your Online Reputation

Online Reputation ManagementProtecting your online reputation shouldn’t be done manually. Yes, you can do it manually, but it will take most of your time and energy in the process. There are two methods you can use to protect your online reputation. The first method is engaging a online reputation management company, and the second method is by using online tools that are designed to monitor and protect your reputation.

In this article, I will share 5 tools you should use to protect your online reputation:

1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts will allow you to know when a new website is ranked in the first Google search result for specific keywords. When a new website is ranked on the first page of Google search result for the specific keywords of your choice, you’ll get a notification email from Google. This free tool will help you to automate your online reputation management. Just enter some variations of your brand name keywords to Google Alerts and you’ll get instant notification for the latest search results for those keywords. You will know instantly whenever a negative feedback about your website reaches the first page of Google SERP.

2. Trackur

Trackur will help you to monitor your social media presence. Whatever people talk about you, Trackur will report it to you. This tool reaches major social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, news websites, blogs, and more. With its simple and advanced monitoring tool, protecting your online reputation will be a breeze. The service plan is affordable, and there is a free plan available as well as free trial for you to evaluate this tool’s performance.

3. TweetBeep

TweetBeep will ensure your brand name clean on Twitter. As you might already know, Twitter is the second largest social networking platform on the internet, which means that when people mention bad things about your brand, it has the potential to spread all over Twitter-verse within a short amount of time. That’s why you need to use a reliable tool to monitor your brand reputation on Twitter. With TweetBeep, you can get instant email notification whenever people mention about your brand, company, or product. It is basically a free tool, but you can upgrade to premium account in order to get more alerts.

4. BrandsEye

This tool will allow you to monitor all your brand conversation online, with custom report for you to review. As a result, BrandsEye will give you an accurate insight about your brand and its online performance. Additionally, you can also keep track of your competitors. You can set to receive notification via email, SMS, or RSS. This tool is quite comprehensive, and with all convenient notification system, it is one of the best and most reliable online reputation management tools that you should use. If you have a large company, it is a recommended tool to manage your online reputation. There is a 2-week trial plan available for you to evaluate this tool.

5. Naymz

This tool will help you to measure your brand influence across many popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can build public profile that will highlight your brand benefits and spread the words about your brand in various social media platforms. Naymz will also help you to know how your customers find your website, brand, or product by sending questionnaires to your contacts. There is a cool feature called RepScore which will tell you about your overall reputation score in social media platforms. Best of all, Naymz is free to use, so it’s a good and reliable tool to manage your company reputation, especially if you’re just starting out.

You can use these tools to monitor your brand reputation and measure your influence across the web. If you never use any online reputation management tool before, it is recommended for you to use a free tool such as Naymz for a start. Once your company becomes larger, you can invest on better and more comprehensive tool such as BrandsEye.