3 great Alarm Clocks for University Students

Fun Alarm ClockBeing a student at university is great, although the night life can have an effect on your sleeping pattern. You’ll most likely find that you’re always waking up late and missing out on important lectures or deadlines. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to wake up on time and even if you do, you end up drifting off back to sleep again. Well luckily for you, here are 3 useful yet fun alarm clocks that will make sure you’re up on time.

Shake n Wake Alarm Clock

Shake N Wake Alarm ClockNow this one is a little bit different from most alarm clocks and by that I mean it’s actually a lot different. This alarm clock straps to your wrist and when the time you set the alarm comes, you’ll get a large vibration on your wrist from the clock. This vibration will have you awake straight away and it might make you jump too which will keep you out of bed! This alarm is also helpful for those who are hard of hearing, so this is great if you spent all night raving with your ears right next to some big speakers.

Tetris Alarm Clock

Tetris Alarm ClockThis Alarm clock is just like most alarm clocks, set a time and it will make a noise. You’re probably thinking “why would this help me wake up better than my current alarm clock”, well if you’re a fan of Tetris then you’ll know why. This great clock has a display that mimics the classic game Tetris, the digits are made up via bricks which fall into place. Every morning you’ll sit there waiting for it to go off just so you can watch how cool it is. The Tetris theme tune is also the alarm clock noise, cool ‘ey?

Shocking Alarm Clock

Shocking Alarm ClockThis one is my favorite, but it’s also my most hated! The name kind of gives away what this alarm clock is all about but I’ll tell you anyways. At first glance it appears to be just your usual alarm clock, setup the time and it will ring until you tap the buttons on top. This just then allows you to go back to bed, or does it? If you touch the top to turn the alarm off, you’ll get a piercing electric shock which will make sure you get out of bed.