Get your Battery to last longer : Tips for a better Charge

Battery LifeIt’s only 9:00 a.m., and the frustration has already started — your smartphone just died. But you just charged it and have barely used the phone, so what’s the deal with the battery? Before you pay expensive penalties to break your mobile contract and prematurely buy a new phone, consider the following tips to help prevent future battery failures in your current smartphone.

Use Wi-Fi

As a smartphone user, it is a relief to see three to four bars of service on your phone. When you get down to one bar, it can make using your phone quite difficult. Your service provider is reliable, so you may not think about hooking up to Wi-Fi when you are outside of the home. While it is true that your phone has excellent service on its own through the provider, it takes a great deal of battery power to link up to these sources. Hook up to Wi-Fi whenever possible so that your phone uses less battery.

Turn Off Wi-Fi

What an oxymoron! One reason why many people fail to connect to Wi-Fi as a way to save their phone batteries is due to confusion over the feature. Running on Wi-Fi does save your battery, so be sure to follow tip number one. The exception to the rule is if no Wi-Fi is available; in such cases, your phone wastes battery power trying to find a connection. So what is a battery saver to do to balance out the power? It’s as simple as this—look for a Wi-Fi connection every time you’re out. If none is available, then turn off the Wi-Fi feature until you get home.

Take it Easy on the Features

Some phones are exciting because they are chock full of so many new features. You don’t necessarily have to try to buy a new phone every few months because you can download many apps to keep your smartphone up to date. The trouble is that the more apps you use, the sooner your battery dies. You don’t have to get rid of your apps, but you should take off the ones you don’t use. Between updates and notifications, apps take up a lot of battery power, and you don’t want to waste your phone’s juice on the features that are useless to you.

Make Believe Flying

Take a look at your power settings and you’ll notice your phone has an airplane mode. If you don’t want to turn off the phone but aren’t using it for several hours at a time, you should set it to this mode. Airplane mode isn’t just for flying—this feature turns off radio signals within your phone to keep the battery.

Simmer Down—Literally

Have you ever noticed how hot your smartphone gets? This heat is a sign that your phone battery is working overtime to keep up with your use. When your cheek or thumbs start to feel like they’re on fire, it is time to give your phone a temporary break so you don’t overheat the battery.

If your battery situation is often the elephant in the room around friends and acquaintances, it is time to take your battery situation seriously. By incorporating the above tips, you will use your phone all day without suffering through embarrassing battery outages.