Will consumers choose Tablets, Phablets over PCs in 2013?

Tablet and PhabletComparing to Android and Apple, Microsoft have been loosing ground over the tablet and phablet market as PCs are no longer considered desirable items that are worth replacing frequently. The launch of Windows 8 is said to have seen 60 million license sales in the first week of launch, which the company say is in line with previous releases.

Microsoft apparently draws half its profits from sales of its Windows OS, so any drop in revenue here is likely to be a huge problem for the company. In fact, the last quarter of 2012 is the first recorded instance of PC sales steadily dropping over time. Meanwhile, it isn’t been hard for Apple to sell ipad units. The new devices fit neatly into people’s work and play habits and Windows 8 just isn’t making the kind of splash it needs to be making.

First, tablets won out over netbooks in the battle to launch the most popular portable device. This ‘death match’ really got the critics excited, and many people decided that the tablet would soon replace all PCs. However, it’s clear to most people that tablets cannot yet truly replace laptops and PCs as they are the devices for real productivity. Most people prefer to use their laptops for emails, word processing, spread sheets and multimedia work. Tablets are very handy for reading news, blogs and keeping up with social media.

Only 2 weeks into the new year and there’s a new buzzword in town. Will 2013 be the year of the ‘phablet’? That means a phone with a screen big enough to be a tablet. Bigger phones are becoming more and more popular as people begin to consume a great daily amount of visual data on their smartphone. Industry insiders say that customers are becoming more open minded in regards to having a larger phone. It’s now obvious that the trend for smaller and smaller devices is slowly beginning to reverse.

The East Asian markets are predicted to be very good for the upcoming generation of phablets. Places like Korea have high tablet uptake so the big tech companies are optimistic that people in places like China and Malaysia will be happy to cheer lead the new phablets. The tech audience in these markets seems happy to see a higher number of products come onto the market simultaneously.

Don’t forget, Micromax has launched its new phablet Canvas HD in India. Their star phablet is a nifty gadget with a screen over 5-inches in size and its outselling Samsung in the Indian market. Specs include over 1GB of RAM storage and an 8-megapixel camera. The device runs on the Android Jellybean system.

The CEO of Micromax has told the press that the company intends to launch over 30 phones in 2013. Compare this to the strategy of the Western tech companies of only releasing a few ‘prestige’ models and it seems like the upcoming Asian brands now rule the game.