6 amazing Electronic changes since 1984

They say that once technological innovation gets rolling, it is hard to stop. Consumer technology often takes a front seat to other kinds of breakthroughs, but there has been plenty of amazing electronic changes since 1984 to keep consumers and industrialists happy.


CD ROMThe development of the commercially accepted CD-ROM removable media platform was formally introduced in 1984. When it was first developed, the equipment needed to burn and play CDs was incredibly expensive. Data was being put on CDs, but no one had a CD-ROM drive in their computer to read the data. Music CDs were only being mass-produced for the most popular titles on the market. Once the CD-ROM drive for a computer became available at a reasonable price point, the CD media quickly became the default removable storage platform for the entire world.


DVDIn the computer storage world, the CD-ROM was the top product from 1984 to 1996. In 1996, the DVD was introduced and everything changed. Video tapes and VCRs disappeared almost overnight as the new medium altered the way movies were distributed to the public. Large-format programs were being released on DVD instead of CD-ROM because a DVD can hold seven times more information than a CD. The CD is still the primary format for physical music distribution.


InternetThere are several conflicting stories about the origins of the Internet. While it did begin as a form of military communication, it was developed into a form of worldwide computer networking by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. To this day, the Internet continues to evolve and change the way that we live. Thanks to the Internet, billions of mobile computing devices all over the world can be connected and share information in real time. This is one technological innovation that is still developing.

Web Browser

Web BrowserMost people do not realize that the original format of the World Wide Web was a loose network of message boards and self-contained networks at various locations throughout the world. It was not until 1992 that an actual browser was first introduced that would allow us to see images, share files and hear music from all over the world.

Digital Cellular Phones

Digital Cellular PhonesCellular technology has been around for many years. Analog communication that used radio waves had been around for decades before the first digital cellular phone technology was introduced in 1988. Digital communication, and the ability to use it in cellular technology, is what paved the way for the technological boom which brought us the smartphone and other wireless computing devices.

Broadband Internet Service

Broadband InternetMost people remember how long it took broadband Internet to become the accepted norm among web users. Now it is hard to imagine connecting to the Internet without a DSL or cable modem connection. The technology for broadband was first introduced into the consumer marketplace in 1997. Within a few years, it became the way that everyone connected to the Internet.

The world has changed significantly since 1984. It should be interesting to see how far technology has taken us in another couple of decades.