Review : Motorola RAZR i Smartphone

Motorola RAZR iThe new Morotola RAZR i represents a significant addition to the mid range smartphone market, and is recommended for anyone looking for a top phone around £320. The RAZR i benefits from its durability, lightness, and large screen as well as from its slick design, its camera options and its performance, representing one of the first phones in the UK to use a high powered Intel Chip.

The first thing you notice about the RAZR i is how large the screen is, with 4.3-inch wide dimensions made to seem even wider through an edge to edge design. The resolution quality of the screen is also excellent, and uses AMOLED with a 960x540p HD resolution. The phone is also designed for toughness with KEVLAR® fibre, as well as Corning Gorilla Glass being used for the screen. Splash guard also mean that the RAZR i can handle wet weather. While the SIM card can be a little tricky to get in and out of, the RAZR i’s design means that it’s tough, but also surprisingly light to carry around.

In terms of performance, the Motorola RAZR i benefits from the use of a 2GHz Intel Atom processor, which provides 1GB of RAM. For a mid range phone, this speed is more than worth the investment. The RAZR i also has an 8GB memory capacity, with options for a 32GB expansion by using an SD card. Battery life is also strong, with the 2,000mAh model used with the phone capable of going a day and a half without charging, which is equal to or better than most competitors.

The RAZR i runs with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) as standard, with Jelly Bean expected to be released soon. You get the same features you would expect from an Android phone, with an emphasis placed on adding to the existing lineup of native apps on the phone. Built in apps like Smart Actions work well at speeding up navigation and tasks, while circular widgets make it possible to quickly get to grips with the interface.

You can set up different behavior modes using Smart Actions depending on where the phone’s being used, while also being able to make use of voice input and auto correct features. The basic Internet browser included with the phone runs smoothly, although you may have to install a few extra apps to get the most out of it. In terms of Internet connectivity, HDSPA+ results in a download rate of about 21.1 Mbps, with WiFi and Bluetooth also available. Most entertainment choices will come via apps, with support available on the phone for optimizing HD videos to 1080p.

The RAZR i comes with two cameras, with the rear 8-megapixel being the strongest. Extra features include an LED flash, multi-shot options, and a high dynamic range for certain pictures. HD videos can also be recorded, albeit with a bit of a lag at times. Some bonus devices that come with the RAZR i include a wall charger, a microUSB cable, stereo headsets and the microSD card for extra memory storage. Durable and relatively quick when using Android, the RAZR i is a quality compact phone that makes the most of its screen size and new processor.