A new File Hosting Service ‘Mega’ is here – Is it a Privacy or Piracy

Sharing has never been much faster and easier. Compared to conventional methods of file sharing – definitely emails or passing of the hardware tools such as USB and hard drives – which were more time consuming and costly, file hosting services provide people with the ability to send large size files and share it to people easily.

A file hosting service or also known as cloud storage service had been a very important part of today’s technology. People use it for sharing files or using it as a remote back up or virtual storage. Amongst the most popular file sharing services are Google Drive, Dropbox, youSENDIt, Rapidshare and last but not the least, Mega.

According to Mega, it provides reliable, secured and easy to use file hosting service that is considered as the biggest ‘.co.nz’ in the World Wide Web. But what makes Mega standout among others? Take a quick look at this infographic to get ideas on why this file hosting service gets so popular in just a few days. Also access whether Mega is Privacy or Piracy.

Mega Cloud Storage - Kim Dotcom

Mega offer different plans that can surely suit your budget, from$9.99 to $29.99. And if you are not interested in paying bucks for this, don’t worry as you can still use the service with no cost- oh yes get the free plan with a whooping 50GB Storage. Not bad, right? Mega offer 10x more free storage than Google, and 25 times more free storage than Dropbox. Cool! That is the reason why 100,000 people are recognized to register in just one hour. So go and give it now a try!

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Still not convinced? Let me give you more reasons what this file hosting service can do for you.

  • Forget about the external storage devices, like CDs, USB and flash drive to back up your data, as they can only get lost or damaged physically. Now you can easily save important file online through hosting service. Is it a picture? A pertinent file? You can be assured that you are placing them in a secure and safe place. You can even access them anytime of the day.
  • Are you in a large business? Do you spend a lot of time fetching files from your computer? Here is the great news! With file hosting service you don’t need to search files and send them over an email because they are all time consuming, instead you can share them easily with anyone. In some services, you can even communicate to the user whenever a change is made to an existing file.
  • Mega offer huge size and bandwidth to store files. You don’t need to worry about the size of the file you are going to save. You can even retrieve the archived files at the time of need. Too exhausted thinking where you place your important files and documents. Uh, uh.. not with the hosting service as it will let you categorize your data and retrieve it in a flash of a second.

And most importantly, by online file sharing, your business products and services information can be viewed by number of visitors. You can even get feedback from them that can help for your business improvement and success.

Besides all these goodies one question arises in minds of many – Is Mega a Privacy or Piracy. Discuss with us in comments.