Top 5 coolest Money saving Mobile Phone Apps

Money SavingEverybody likes to save money, and many people often find it hard to be able to afford the luxuries in life when they are already struggling to pay for everything else. However, people with busy lifestyles don’t always have the time to shop around. Fortunately, there are a wide range of apps available to help you save money on a variety of things, from your groceries to your next holiday, and most of them are completely free! Here are some of the best money-saving apps available. With the evolution of technology, all the major IT companies like Coupon raja, Voucher King etc are developing mobile money saving apps to be able to cater to their users demands.

Following are some of coolest discount and money savings apps :


VouchercloudVouchercloud is the new alternative to cutting coupons out of cereal boxes. When you’re looking for an item, which could be anything from a DVD to some sports equipment, you can use the mobile app to find the best deals on the item. You can narrow down your search by categories, which will help you find the cheapest deal. For example, if you’re looking for a particular restaurant and you can’t find a deal for it, you can search the restaurants category and use the local search to find another similar restaurant near you which there is an offer for. When you use this app, be sure to check the details of what’s actually included. There might be an offer of 20% off at a restaurant, but the offer may exclude drinks and deserts, so make sure you’re not caught out!

You can download the app from iTunes and Google Play.

MySupermarket Mobile

MySupermarket MobileMySupermaket Mobile allows you to compare the prices of products in any of the associated supermarkets. You can either search on the app to find where an item is cheapest, or you can scan the item itself to see if it is offered cheaper anywhere else. It will also provide cheaper alternative within the supermarket. This app is particularly great because it revolves around supermarkets, where we do most of our shopping and could probably make the most savings.

You can download the app from iTunes.


OnavoWhen you’re using your smartphone to shop online, something that isn’t really taken into consideration a lot of the time is how much it actually costs to shop online. This is where Onavo can help you out. When you’re using the internet on your phone or iPad, everything you do will be routed through the Onavo servers, where it will be compressed. This means you will use up less data and will therefore save money on your data usage bill. The Onavo developers claim that it can save users up to 80% on their data usage fees.

You can download the app from iTunes and Google Play.

RedLaser Barcode Scanner

RedLaser Barcode ScannerRedLaser Barcode Scanner is an app which, according to reviews, will almost never fail you (unless you have made a particularly unusual request.), it allows you to scan the barcode of a product, and then, provided you are connected to the internet, it will search eBay and Google to see if the item is cheaper anywhere else. If you cannot access the barcode, you can just type in a keyword to search for the item manually. This is a great thing to use when it comes to online shopping, because it’s a sure way of finding the cheapest deal available. There are very few items RedLaser cannot find, so you can use it anywhere and save money on pretty much anything.

Download the app from iTunes and Google Play.


KayakKayak is an app which will help you find the cheapest flights and hotels available, so you can make sure your holiday costs you as little as possible. Tell it where you want to go, how long for and how many of you there are, and it will provide you with a list of hotels in your chosen location, which you can sort by price, distance from the town and quality. It will also find you the cheapest flights on the date you want to depart, and will help you get prepared with a packing list, airport information and a currency converter.

You can download the app from iTunes and Google Play.