Social Media and 5 creative ways to use Facebook for Businesses

Promote Business through FacebookSocial Media acts as great medium for business organisations to promote their company to the public. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and many more other media can be creatively used to increase the awareness or popularity of any particular group, business or organisation. Various strategies are used by businesses to increase their popularity or brand value.

Here are 5 creative ways to use the most popular social media i.e. Facebook for business:

1. You can start the promotion of your business by creating a welcome page for new guests and visitors. You can make this page look colorful and vibrant. Try giving the guests a glimpse of your business using text, pictures and comments; this will help them understand your ideas better. Encourage users to like your page to provide more interesting information on your business. Advertise this welcome page as much as possible; people need to come across the page to like it.

2. Make your page colorful by adding pictures and videos about your business. You can attract attention of users by uploading videos of people appreciating your business. You can also upload pictures of your products and latest brands, to draw the audience towards your business. Pictures and videos speak louder than words, they attract the eyes of the users, the better your pictures the more the publicity.

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3. Organise promotions and contests on your business page. To invite more users to like your page, you can give away free samples; this will surely help your page get popular. You can also hold contests lasting for a day or so, and award the winners with gift hampers. Freebies and gifts play a vital role in increasing your business name and popularity. This is the most preferred business strategy off-late.

4. Make sure the title of your business explains the products and materials that your product manufactures. For example, if your business deals with the Restaurant, you need to ensure that the word like food, beverages are present in your title, to help people understand better.

5. Make sure that your friends, family and employees are a part of this page. They can help in increasing the popularity and demand of your business page with their mutual friends. As these people are more likely to spread your words in their social networks.

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