4 iOS Apps that will revolutionize your Social Media trending

Social Media iPhone AppsThe rapid evolution of social media in the past decade has changed the face of everything from planning an outing with friends to conducting a job search. It’s strange to think that these two tasks, though virtual antipodes, may be performed by way of the same social networking platform; technology is truly bridging the gap between business and pleasure.

Now that advertising is an inadvertent and recreational hobby to many, building your rapport can be achieved through what is really strategic online marketing. Coupled with the iPhone, the right apps give you 24/7/365 access to broadcasting your name or business and generating the interest of followers.

Let’s take a look at four iOS apps that will accelerate your social media experience:

1. Facebook

Facebook AppAlthough Facebook seemingly irreversible infiltration of social culture may be deemed an epidemic by some, the fact of the matter is it’s a highly versatile and useful communication tool. Yes, you may stumble across some unwanted drama and gossip, but many corporations utilize interactive Facebook pages to conduct market research, advertise promotional deals, and engage in targeted marketing by appealing to individuals of a wide variety of demographics.

2. Wisdom

Wisdom AppDo you find yourself spending unnecessary amounts of time sorting through Facebook pages to locate posts and information relevant to your interests or needs? Everything presented via social networking sites can make navigating interfaces an arduous task. Fortunately, Wisdom is here to intervene. Perhaps the most useful facet of this app, the ‘My News’ section enables you to customize which posts are made readily visible to you, redirecting your efforts from manual sorting to increasing your internet presence. Also, you can view usage and activity statistics of those individuals in your network. Now, with the ability to hone in on a target audience and individuals most prone to social networking activity, Wisdom will help give you that edge in your trending networks.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn AppSince LinkedIn has only continued to grow and strengthen its roots in professionalism and reciprocal marketability between recruiters / companies and job seekers, LinkedIn is critical for painting a professional portrait and showcasing your aptitudes and accomplishments. If you maintain a clean Facebook image (one at which employers would balk), you can direct its traffic to your LinkedIn account and ensure that all are aware of your unique prowess. Conversely, LinkedIn possesses an excellent talent pool from which you can examine when in the position to recruit a client or expand your business.

4. Blogger

Blogger AppPeople like to read articles written by real people that convey real ideas; blogs do just that. What better app to connect to the world of blogging than Blogger? Writing about your personal endeavors or business ventures personifies the otherwise faceless image of your words, and linking your blog to social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook will help to increase traffic.