Summly integrated Yahoo Application is coming soon for Android users

Yahoo released an updated version of their iOS including its new acquisition, Summly. The same thing is going to happen with the Android now. This app makes the lengthy articles a short description for you making it easy for people to get the meaning of the article in easy language. The new Yahoo app looks practically similar to its iOS counterpart and it contains the same list of the features that are never ending visual stream of various new stories, an enhanced web search including videos and images along with sharing them on Twitter and Facebook.

Yahoo Summly App

This application Summly gives you the summaries for the long written news articles down to 400 character and gives you more information than a headline. This is your time now that you can use the android version of this application for getting the short and complete news information. Android Apps Development Services are look forward in introducing this application for android phones too.

Within very less time it has acquired Summly, an iOS news app that is using the combination of natural language algorithms and different programming. Yahoo has now updated its major mobile application for iPod and iPhone touch with the UK’s new summarizing technology. There was written in a blog, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer outlines that her company is continually dedicated to mobile phones, they are introducing a new and latest version of the Yahoo iOS app. This new app features endless stream of stories, a renovated search experience, and new social and personal features for your mobile phones.

This new app is only available in US at present. It is offering the users to select the things they are interested in. It is based on the same natural algorithms and processing that were used once in Summly’s iOS app. It picks out the most important part from the lengthy news articles and makes them easy to read and understand. With the apps in Android framed by Android Apps Programmers, the article pages are new, but they mimic the Yahoo’s new weather and mail iOS applications, more visual designs that the organization think would generate more interests across the entire line of the mobile products and will generate more business.

The app also claims improved and new search features, saving the preferences between the web and the mobile for giving good results for images and video. While acquisition, Yahoo said they would work to get Summly’s technology into the existing mobile experiences as soon as possible, suggesting the Yahoo! iOS app is just the beginning of its mission to “deliver the best of the web.”

Yahoo is going to release a new app for yahoo users that gives Yahoo Mail for iPad, Yahoo Weather for iPhone and Android tablets.

Yahoo’s one more new release is a mail application for the people using tablets that focus more on reading experience. Lee Parry is the person who led the team behind this tablet app. According to this app, its users can read their email(s) on their iPads and can also use their iPads for writing the new mail. As a result, the team has focused on making the app easy to read your email on the tablet. It starts with a full screen feature and strips away with all the chrome design. It won’t leave anything on the screen, but only a message itself on the screen.

Summly has become fourth most mobile-based startup that Yahoo has bought up in the market since Marissa Mayer became CEO of Yahoo in July. As the company is making efforts in improving their recommendation and personalization tools and as a part of Yahoo’s “rational mobile strategy,” Yahoo is planning to combine it’s Summly’s technology with its existing mobile phones soon. According to the reports and news when the app was launched in November, D’Aloisio was immediately owed as “the next Mark Zuckerberg,” of the world. Before it could get grabbed from Apple’s marketplace it took an all-time user rating of four stars.