Review : Bitdefender Internet Security 2013

BitdefenderAbout two weeks ago I received a mail from a guy of Bitdefender Antivirus, a company providing a complete host of solutions regarding Antivirus and Internet Security. He suggested me to download the software and use it and write a honest review about the product on my blog.

So I decided to use it first. I removed my old internet security software from my PC and installed Bitdefender Internet Security Software. Till now about 10 days and above I am using it regularly and now I have enough data to write what I experienced with the product, the good or not so good.

I have divided my views in parts and here it is:

Download and Install

Bitdefender Download InstallUnlike others this software is easy to download and install. If you are a pro or an ordinary user, with a small step of registration and few clicks the antivirus gets installed in your PC.

During installation, a slideshow appears in the window which shows the features and tips to use the software. By the time the software gets installed you will get familiar with the system.

AutoPilot System

Bitdefender AutoPilotThis software comes with Bitdefenders proprietary AutoPilot features which takes every decisions relating to security on behalf of you. Thus you will not be interrupted by any pop-ups nor you will get any alerts while using your PC or will not face any sort of slowdowns. If you want settings as per your choice you can switch off the AutoPilot mode and enable manual mode.

Social Networking and Internet protection

Bitdefender ProtectionLast week I tried to open some websites that support various scams or credit card phishing attempts and also suspicious links coming from some leading social networking sites, to test and try the product. I found this Antivirus engine quite useful as it has automatically detected the malicious contents and blocked the site from opening. Bitdefender helps you to use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks freely without any worry of any attack on your system or data.

It provides, if not excellent, but a very strong shield against numerous e-threats posed by Malware, Spywares, Viruses, Phishing, emails, IMs and much more.


Bitdefender SafepaySafepay is one of the feature which has attracted my attention the most. It helps you to make a hassle free transaction in a secured environment. It opens all your banking  pages in a separate, secure browser which protects your online credentials from hackers.

Safepay opens in full screen mode which hides the desktop completely. The browser opens in the black user interface. It is highly recommended to do your online financial transaction using Bitdefender Safepay feature.

Other Features

Above all there are some common features you may find in other antivirus softwares, like:

  • Scheduled Scanning : This feature creates a little impact over the computer performance as the scanning takes place only when your system goes idle.
  • Parental Control : This feature blocks inappropriate content and monitor your children’s online activity.
  • Two-way Firewall : This feature keeps a real time check over your internet and Wi-Fi connection and prevents unauthorized access.


With all these goodies inside Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 is one of the great software I want to be in my PC. Since my use and review is in initial stage and lot of things are there to come out in future. I will write more as and when I gather sufficient information.

If you have any experience with this software, either good or bad, let me know through the comments below.