Happy Wheels : A Ragdoll Flash Game with lots of Character

Happy WheelsThere are variety of games available for playing online, one of the irresistible time wasters among them is “Happy Wheels“. In addition to be highly addictive, Happy Wheels features two rather unique twists. First, gamers should be forewarned – its violence is not for anyone who is faint of heart. There is graphic gore and mayhem throughout the entire course of game play.

To take advantage of the full version of Happy Wheels with all the available functions, you must access the game through its link on different gaming websites like Playberry, Silver Games, Total Jerkface, Cool Games, Much Games and more . There you will find not only the wiki that allows you to modify the game, but also access to all the colorful characters. If you had any doubts that Happy Wheels was not just a game for kids, your doubts will disappear when you encounter the names of the characters.

Wheelchair Guy

WheelChair GuyWheelchair Guy is one of the four original characters from the first versions of the Happy Wheels game. He is an older gentleman who gets around in a wheelchair. His clothes are old and tattered, and he tends to move slowly unless the optional jet is attached to his wheelchair. Once the jet is attached, he moves very quickly.

Segway Guy

Segway GuySegway Guy is another of the four original characters from the beginnings of the Happy Wheels Game. He can do jumps on his Segway, but not flips. The controls for the character reflect the fact that driving a Segway can be tricky until you get that hang of it. He travels at medium speed, and can be reattached to his vehicle if he falls off.

Irresponsible Dad

Irresponsible DadIrresponsible Dad is the third of the original four characters from the first versions of Happy Wheels. He’s riding a bike with his child in tow on a basket attached to his seat. He is irresponsible because while he is wearing a helmet, the child has none. Irresponsible Dad and his tyke are among the fastest moving characters in the game.

Effective Shopper

Effective ShopperEffective Shopper is the last of the original four characters included in the first versions of Happy Wheels. She’s a larger sized female character who gets around on a scooter designed for people with limited mobility. Her jumping abilities are limited, but she can be reattached to her scooter if she falls off or is ejected.

Moped Couple

Moped CoupleMoped Couple are a happily paired male and female couple who get around on a moped. Both characters can be ejected off the bike. However, only the male character can be reattached; the female cannot be. If the male character is attached alone, the moped is somewhat easier to maneuver through the remaining challenges of the game.

Lawnmower Man

Lawnmower ManLawnmower Man is an older gentleman of larger size. His vehicle of choice is a riding lawnmower. His clothes are stained with grass and perspiration, as you might expect from someone who has been mowing a large lawn. Because of the size of his vehicle, Lawnmower Man cannot jump very far, but his vehicle travels quickly on flat terrain.

Santa Claus

Santa ClusThis is jolly old Saint Nick as you’ve never seen him before, with two of the world’s unluckiest elves to accompany him. As you might imagine, his vehicle of choice is his sleigh. But none of his reindeer are anywhere in sight. Instead, his elves are tasked with pulling his sleigh, which is also loaded with Christmas toys.

Explorer Guy

Explorer GuyExplorer Guy bears a passing cartoon resemblance to Indiana Jones. His vehicle of choice is a metal car used to haul coal, diamonds or other ores from the depths of a mine. His car is not motorized, but does provide better protection than other vehicles in the game.

Irresponsible Mom

Irresponsible MomMommie Dearest has nothing on Irresponsible Mom. Like Irresponsible Dad, she tools around on a bicycle. Unlike Irresponsible Dad, she has two children, however, one in a basket on the front, and the second on a smaller tandem bike attached to her bike. Mom wears a safety helmet, but neither child has one.

Pogo-Stick Man

Pogo Stick ManPogo-Stick Man bounces around on a pogo stick. As you might expect, Pogo-Stick Man can jump quite high, which helps him leap over barriers. If he falls off his stick, he can get right back on, but his stick is somewhat fragile and prone to breakage.

This post was written by Luke Harper, a self-confessed geek who writes for many gaming and technology websites. He recommends to check out Playberry for exciting games.