The 8 must have Apps for your Android Device

AndroidSitting idle, browsing through the Google Play sure, unsure as to which app is really worth the effort of download? Here is our list of amazing 8 android apps, which are a must for your android device. Check them out and ensure you at least try out each one of them.

1. Auto Memory Manager

Auto Memory ManagerThe only albatross hanging around the neck of the splendid android phones is a low performing battery life. It is a darn task for the users to manage the memory of their android devices, but with Auto Memory Manager, the task is simplified manifolds. And since the app is available for free, you get all the more reasons to download and try this app.

2. JuiceDefender

JuiceDefenderAnd while we are discussing about the battery life, there is another app which will help you easily take charge of the crappy battery life of your gadget. JuiceDefender assists you in conserving the battery life of your phone by disabling the components which drains it the most, especially the 3G / 4G data connectivity, and disables it when the phone is idle. Though a free version is available, investing a little in the Ultimate version will enable you to customize the settings as well.

3. Swype Keyboard

Swype KeyboardWhat a perk it is to simply run your fingers in a remotely logical way and get the words frame out for you? We believe a lot of our lazy chums or the ones whose relationships are on a rocky standstill because they find texting irritating and painful are going to simply love Swype Keyboard. Besides, the full version of the app includes further more smart features such as: talk to text dictation, various keyboard configurations, smart machine learning engine, multiple language support, hand writing, etc.

4. Speed Test

Speed TestA lot of times we are not sure whether it is a fault of the phone or the network that the darn file is taking forever to download. This is a problem because we really don’t know who to curse – the phone or the network, and eventually it is hard to realize which one to fix – again, the phone or the device. Speed Test is one app which will immediately let you know whether the problem is with the network or not. This will empower you to shove the rubbish back at your network service provider’s face, when they try to blame the low performance on to something else.

5. IMDb Movies & TV

IMDb Movies TVAre you a movie buff? If you are we need not tell you what IMDb is. For others, it is the biggest Internet Movie Database (which, by the way is its expansion too) and the next time you need a reference prior to watching a movie, or need to know more about a particular actor, or anything remotely related to movies, this is the app of choice for you. IMDb Movies & TV is available for free and is up for grabs.

6. SoundHound

SoundHoundHome many times has it happened that a song struck the right cord with you, and yet all you could do was to ask ‘which song is this…?’? Next time you are in a bar or a cafe and a captivating song plays, simply click on the SoundHound app, and it will let you know all that you need to know about the said song. The app also comes with a lot of other features like geo-tagging, music videos and music sales, which makes a little superior to its counterpart, Shazaam.

7. History Eraser Pro

History Eraser ProDon’t we almost always search for stuff on our phones, in the middle of a sleepless night, which we are not really proud of? Even if we are, it would still be a bit awkward to know that someone else know exactly what we were searching for moments before. Now tackle the same quite easily with the History Eraser Pro. The app is easy to work around and is available for free. Grab the handy thing right now.

8. Lookout Premium for Android

Lookout PremiumWith all the information, the important emails, the images, the songs, the heart touching conversations and a lot more, stored in our android devices, we simply cannot afford to lose the same. Here is an app which takes care of your phone like a ninja. Lookout has impeccable recovery solutions in case of loss, wipe out or theft of the phone. It protects the device from malware and viruses.

The free of cost version offers “Find my phone” feature, provides an automatic backup and restoring functions. In addition to the same, the Premium version offers even more requisite features such as safe browsing, managing different app permissions, back up for pictures, call history and contacts, safe browsing and remote lock / wipe etc.

What do you think of our list? Have you used the apps before? Let us know in the comment sections below.

This post was written by Rick Brown who advise young entrepreneurs in Android Development for making them most from their native apps.