GTA V set for Summer 2013 Release

Rockstar GTA VAfter more than four years of waiting it will soon be time for Grand Theft Auto fans to get their next fix with the launch of Grand Theft Auto V – the 15th game in the GTA series. If the hype is to be believed then this installment is set to deliver everything fans have come to expect and love about GTA with three playable protagonists. The game is due for launch in late summer 2013.

Rockstar, the game’s developers, announced the impending arrival of GTA V right back in October 2011 and have drip fed news ever since. It was a whole year later when the first demo of the game was released to the world’s media. The makers claim this upcoming open world action game is going to be their biggest yet.


As we have come to expect from this best-selling computer game series, GTA V has a very strong back storyline, the latest being in Los Angeles.

The storyline will focus on “the pursuit of the almighty dollar“, in the Rockstar’s own words. The story in the game follows the lives of three core characters whose lives are interlinked. Franklin lives in Vespucci Beach, based on California’s Venice Beach and is a repossessions man for a considerably underhand Armenian car dealership.

Michael is a retired bank robber who now lives on his ill-gotten gains with his dysfunctional family in a high-end suburb. Michael’s former bank robbing partner in crime, Trevor, is faring even less well. He is living in a trailer in the desert and exhibits psychopathic tendencies which are not helped by his drug addiction. The unlikely trio find themselves thrown together in the dark criminal underground of the Los Santos scene.

During the game, players can switch between the three main characters in a bid to achieve success in different missions. Each character has key strengths that players must learn to achieve their goals. When not on a mission, players can explore everything the world has to offer from yoga to base jumping, scuba diving or golf.

Even when not being played, each character goes about their daily life in the world. Characters’ clothing can be customized. Some aspects of previous incarnations of GTA do not seem to be included in the latest. In earlier games, players could buy in-game property or date but in this latest game these do not seem to be present.

Of course, given the name of the game, vehicles are a key aspect. Rockstar claim that there will be more vehicles than ever seen before in GTA and it is not limited to cars. There will be trucks, bikes, ATVs and even jet skis. The developers claim that cars will have improved handling and hold to the road to be more like a racing game than ever before.


There is much to look forward to for fans of this series and the wait is nearly over. Rockstar are claiming the game will launch on September 17th this year and PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers are in luck. Wii and PC players though may be disappointed as the company has yet to announce formats for these platforms.