Factors to consider before you get into Facebook Ads

Facebook AdsBefore you get into Facebook advertising, read on to find out certain factors that need to be considered when thinking of advertising on the platform that currently has over 1 billion users. Wasting money is something that no businessman wants to do, but you can end up doing that if you do not plan your FB campaign properly before going to a Facebook ad management service.

Following are certain Facebook ad campaign factors that you should consider in order to avoid unpleasant situations and get the best revenue from your ads.

1. Get yourself a Facebook page

The first thing you need to do is get a Facebook page done. This is required because all Facebook advertisements direct possible customers to your FB page. So, if you do not yet have one, get it done as soon as possible.

2. What is the worth of a new customer?

Before you begin with your Facebook ad campaign, you need to figure out the current worth of a new customer to you. This has nothing to do with FB but your present customer base. If you have handled such a concept before, here’s how you do it:

  • You firstly need to determine the percentage of profit that each of your customers have brought you in the current year.
  • Estimate, on an average, how long can you retain a customer.
  • Determine how much does it cost to draw a customer to your brand.
  • Finally, combine all the information and deduct your acquisition expenses from your per-customer profits. This shall give you the worth of a single customer.

Now that you have your customer value in hand, you have a point of reference to determine whether your FB ads are getting you any benefits.

3. Your current cost per acquisition

If you have a product or service, you possibly already do some advertising. Cost per acquisition is an amount that you spent to attract a customer to your brand, so that he ends up buying your product. Once you master this art, you know how to attract more and more customers; and you have a second point of reference for validating the success of your Facebook advertisements.

4. Which type of ad is right for you?

If you have had a look at Facebook Ads Manager, you possibly have already asked yourself the question. You can find market lingo like CPA, CPC and CPM. What you need to do is decide whether you want your business to benefit from the likes that customers click or see your recent posts i.e. do you wish to pay when your potential customers see your advertisement or when they take an action in it. You may leave the choice to your Facebook ad management service or let Facebook decide it by itself.

5. What interests are you targeting?

Interest targeting is an aspect where Facebook advertisements actually excel. FB has become a popular marketing tool because advertisers use the same interests that users share for interacting with their friends, in order to target their advertisements.

Let’s say you have a site that sells kitchen utensils and cookbooks. Then, you would want to target people who are interested in cooking or are tied to kitchens. Even DIY enthusiasts and event planners may be interested in your site.

With Facebook’s interest targeting features, you can display your ads exclusively before these people and not fast food lovers, who may not be interested in cooking and kitchen utensils. FB has got a whole lot of interests, you need to choose one that fits your product or service.

6. The age and gender you are targeting

Determining the age group or gender of your target audience is really important. If you are promoting a retirement community, there’s no use targeting all age groups, because not all people would care for your club.

Choosing the gender can be tricky. Suppose you are selling guides on wedding planning. You may think that only women would be interested, but you never know, many men could also be searching for the same information. So, until and unless your product is absolutely gender-oriented, you need not choose a particular one and cut out on potential customers.

With these points and an efficient Facebook ad management service provider, you can actually have a successful FB ad campaign. Best of luck!

This post was written by Sarmista Aun. She provides efficient Facebook ad management service and excellent tips on Facebook advertising which helps to enhance your ROI.