8 smart ways to Market your Business to YouTube Users

Since YouTube is the Google owned website, all the videos posted on this huge video sharing network has greater chances of being found on the first pages of Google search results. Hence, more and more small business owners, affiliate marketers and large corporation managers have come to realize the huge importance of increasing their presence on YouTube and promoting their businesses using this huge platform.

Marketing Business on YouTube

However, in order to make sure you are on the right path, you should know how to reach your customers on YouTube without being too salesy. The following 8 smart ways will enable you to market your brand image, products and services to potential customers more easily.

1. Be an Authority

You need to establish yourself as an authority in your niche in order to get the attention of potential customers and YouTube users. Always come up with new ideas and precious insights, teaching your subscribers how to do certain things, how to think right or how to act according to reality. For example, if you are a spiritual mentor, you can easily promote your teachings through videos. Also, you will become an authority in your niche, allowing others to widen up their horizon in terms of thinking.

2. Introduce a new product or service

Another smart way to market to YouTube users is by introducing a new service or product you have just created or you are simply promoting. Showcasing products on YouTube is a very cost-effective way to create awareness about your products among YouTube users.

3. Connect with your Users

In order to connect with your users, you need to invest time into exploring the YouTube community in your niche. Study your potential customers’ needs, desires and goals. After you discover what they need, it will be easier to connect with them on a more personal basis.

4. Maintain a Philosophy

Make sure to include your brand logo at the end of each video you upload. Try to establish a ‘voice’ of your company and promote your company’s philosophy everywhere on the Internet. Remember that building up a brand is as important as promoting a product.

5. Present Customer Testimonies

Another great way to market your business to potential YouTube users is to present testimonials from real customers. If you’ve been in the business for a while, you probably already have a lot of loyal customers who were happy with the services you have provided. Hence, take advantage of this aspect and create videos using their testimonials. This can be a very effective and clever way to market your brand, products and services hassle free.

6. Ask Reviews from famous People

With so many famous men and women around us, it has become practically impossible to sell a product or a service without promoting it by a famous person. For example, Cola Cola or Pepsi work with Ronaldinho, Christiano Ronaldo or Messi to promote their brands all across the world. If you have a small company, you should stick to a local artist or someone trustworthy who is able to get your customers’ attention.

7. Share Highlights from an Event

Another clever technique of promoting your brand among YouTube users is to share the most important activities that took place at a certain local or national event. Each event is held at a certain geographical location, so people who will come have a greater chance of entering the Internet afterwards. Not only the ones who participated at the event will access the Internet to read reviews and feedback, but also those who could not participate will go online. Create a few short videos to present some scenes at the event, share highlights and thank those who participated.

8. Come with a Strong Call to Action

One of the smartest and most effective ways to market your products and services to YouTube users is by speaking directly to them. After watching a video, they should be encouraged to take a specific action, whether it is to call a phone number, subscribe to a mailing list, enter your website or purchase a product. Making a great video is very important, but having a strong call to action is certainly paramount.


Marketing your brand to YouTube users who are likely to become your customers is not such a daunting task, especially if you manage to blend the previous 8 tips with your overall marketing strategy.

This post was written by Jason Smith who likes blogging about online strategies that are related to creative data visualization, SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.