5 metrics to measure your Pinterest marketing success

Pinterest has become more popular, since figures showed that it is the most female dominated social media network of all time. Some figures showed that over 90% of the profiles are female. Women do already outnumber men on almost all the big social media networks, but on Pinterest is where they really take the lead. This has leaded a lot of businesses to pay more attention to Pinterest; after all it is now a more target friendly demographic.

pinterest marketing metrics

Ideally, you want to measure your marketing growth and success on Pinterest, but what do you monitor in order to get a good idea of your impact/growth? Here are some metrics that you should consider to measure Pinterest marketing success.

1. Clicks on your website and profiles

These are going to indicate an interest in your projects and websites as a whole and this could be very valuable information for you. The things that are being re-pinned are often popular, which is going to work well if you can find a way of exploiting that fact for your own personal or business gain. You can see which posts or parts of your website are getting the most clicks.

Some feel that clicks are the most important metric to follow. Some feel that clicks are as important as page visits on websites when it comes to measuring the metrics. There is a good chance that people enjoy your website and want to show it off, and if that is the case then you know that lots of clicks means that you are doing something correct.

2. The reach of your pins

You will have to use the metric systems for a while before you will be able to get a grip of your reach, but it is still a metric worth following. It may show you how much of an influencer you are. The reach of your pins is the amount of estimated people that see your pins and see your re-pins.

If you know the reach of your pins then you may be able to judge how much of an effect your efforts are having. For example, you may get a small number of people looking at your boards or your website and think that you are having a bad week, but the low numbers may disguise the fact that you have a small reach. If you know you have a large reach, then low responses will mean low quality and not that nobody saw your pins.

3. Your top pins

You can see which pins are the most popular and which are being re-pinned at the highest rate and the most often. This will help you to create a campaign that is better suited to your Pinterest users. You can make sure that your future posts and pins are more suited to your target audience. This will in turn make your future posts a lot more popular and more heavily viewed. It will help to ensure you get more interest and attention for your boards and for your Pinterest campaign.

If you are able to make your pins and your boards/posts more interesting then you are going to gain more attention for your campaign and may potentially increase your reach.

4. Top fans and influencers

It is a good idea to see who is helping you become more popular. You can see who interacts the most and if any of your fans are influencing other people. You can find ways of reaching out to your fans and influencers and hopefully you will be able to create a more dedicated and loyal following. You can even try to influence the people who are influencing others so that you may leverage your special relationship with them.

5. The pins you get from your website

This may actually show that your other online campaigns are successful, but it is a mixed bag. It may be that people are looking at your website from the Pinterest website and are then pinning things, or it may just be that you naturally attract Pinterest users from other places such as the search engines. You can have a look at the pins you are getting from your website to see which elements and images are popular.

You can use this information to create your own board that is full of your most popular images. This is a nice idea of you want to pander to the people on Pinterest. You can create your own board and fill it full of the things that you now know your viewers may like.