Gamification : 5 essential Tips to make it work for Business

Companies are realizing that gamification can offer them a wide array of benefits, so they’re jumping on board and implementing this tactic into their marketing strategy. Some companies think that simply creating a game is enough to generate interest and keep their audience entertained. But successful gamification is requires a lot more work than just(…)

The Evolution of the Game Development Industry

We all have a favourite video game from our childhood, whether it’s the relatively recent Sonic the Hedgehogs or Super Marios, or maybe your memory stretches as far back as the Atari. But did you know that the first patent for a video games ‘console’ was first applied for in 1947? The games industry has(…)

The World of the Online Gamer

The internet started life as a small compendium of useless information. It contained a few sites mainly containing gibberish while the average computer user still relied on tools such as Microsoft Encarta to look up information. How times change. In the modern digital age, with high speed wireless internet everywhere, we spend most of our(…)

Does Piracy cause lower prices of Android Apps on Google Play?

None of us support piracy, it is perhaps politically correct to say. We abhor that artists, musicians, developers, movie makers and individuals feel the pinch for their hard work, which is why when we’re buying music, we prefer to shop on iTunes or Grooveshark. If we’re buying books, we go the Kindle or the Nook(…)

A Guide to using Game Copier Software

As soon as you buy a newly released game, your first instinct is to go home & begin playing. But instead you should first think about safeguarding your game before starting to play. This is important as it is possible that the game gets damaged due to some reason such as disk errors or system(…)

What is Facebook App Center?

Hold on everyone! There is a new competitor in the market. Following the footsteps of Apple, Google and Amazon, the pioneer of social networking, Facebook, now has an app store too. Facebook is an 8 year old company that has over 900 million (and still counting) active users, making it the third largest country (if it were one!)(…)

Highlights of new releases from Xbox at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012

At the close of the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012, Xbox has shared some great announcements and new releases for this year. Xbox transforms ordinary entertainment into extraordinary experiences. Whether you want to play games, watch TV and movies, surf the web, listen to music or turn your TV into a personal fitness trainer, there’s never(…)

Samsung acquires Wi-Fi Chipsets manufacturer Nanoradio

Samsung has announced today that it has acquired Nanoradio AB, a Sweden-based developer of ultra low power Wireless LAN chipsets for high-speed wireless access in mobile phones. Nanoradio is specialized in developing power efficient small form factor high performance Wi-Fi chipsets for mobile phones, wireless network cameras for home surveillance, Portable Media Player s and(…)

Samsung and Visa announces Galaxy S III as Olympic Games Phone

Samsung and Visa has announced today that the upcoming Galaxy S III will be the official Olympic Games phone during the London 2012 Games. A limited edition showcase device pre-loaded with Visa’s payWave application will be made available for Samsung and Visa sponsored athletes and trialists. Visa payWave is a mobile payment application which enable(…)